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Welcome - Garuda Online Test System

Garuda is an International company that develops tools for dialogue for the HR-sector. The purpose of Garuda's tools is to create an open and equal dialogue about qualities and traits relevant to daily working life.

The Garuda Online Test System is a quick and efficient alternative to distributing and entering a paper questionnaire.

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The Head-Heart-Leg Model ™

All of the Garuda profile tools are based on the Head-Heart-Leg model. The model divides the characteristics that are significant to daily working life into three categories:

How do you approach and work on your assignments?
How are your relations and cooperation with others?
How do you carry out your tasks?

The purpose of the Garuda profile

The purpose of the Garuda profile is:

To reveal which of the individual's resources are significant for successTo initiate dialogue about how a person's abilities best can be utilized in the daily working lifeTo create open and equal communicationTo create job satisfaction, improve employee's quality of life and added value to the organization