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How does it work?

On the "Questionnaire" page, type in the password you have received. After logging in, you will find instructions on how to complete the questionnaire.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, the results will automatically be sent to the person or organization that issued you access.

Starting point for discussion

The Garuda tools are developed to serve as dialogue tools. Analysis results are usually followed up by a dialogue between the respondent and the person or organization that issued the questionnaire.

During that dialogue you will receive a thorough review of the results of the analysis. You will also have opportunity to clarify and comment on the results.

The objective is to get a precise picture, with the interviewer, of how you act in your daily working life.

What are the questions about?

Garuda has developed a wide range of profiling tools. All consist of a number of statements that the respondent must reply to in different ways. For example to what degree the respondent agrees with the statement, or whether he agrees or disagrees with it.

Once you log in with your password, there will be instructions on how to complete questionnaire.

The profiles focus on your behavior in your daily working life.

The profiles are in no way meant to pry into your personal life. Although you may come across questions that do not concern your working life directly, such as: "I prefer to spend my leisure time alone". These questions have been included in order to widen the response, however it is unlikely that you will find the questions too personal or revealing about your personal life.

How long does it take?

In general, there are no rules for how much time a respondent may use on the Garuda questionnaire. Carefully considering each statement, while filling out the questionnaire, will in no way improve your results . Nor is it a contest to fill in the questionnaire as quickly as possible.

We recommend that you answer as spontaneously as possible. That way you will get the most accurate picture of your preferred work focus.

If you are interrupted it is possible to shut down the system and return to the questionnaire later using the same password provided. However we do recommend that you take the necessary time to enter the profile in one sitting.


The results of a personal profile must always be treated confidentially and only certified users of the Garuda tools are allowed to interpreted them.

The results of your personal profile are, in principle, your property - you have the right to demand that results be deleted at any time. If you wish to have your profile deleted, contact the person or organization who issued you the password to complete the profile.


While developing the Garuda Online Test System.NET we have been very attentive to the importance of online security. We have therefore done all that is technically possible to secure the data both while it is being transferred over the internet and while it is stored in our databases.

All communication between the respondent and Garuda and between the certified user and Garuda is through an encrypted SSL-connection.

You can enter the questionnaire from any computer without having to worry about your answers being saved on the computer. If the computer allows cookies, it will register that the webpage www.eGaruda.com has been visited, however your results will not be saved to the computer.